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Welcome To Jammu & Kashmir Electric Planning & Design Wing


Planning & Designing has become important & continuous activity. Old Equipments & Systems are being replaced by the new. Infact, Planning & Design activities are influenced by the following:-
Changing requirements Of Power Consumers.
Changing pattern of electricity generation & Transmission.
Feed back on System Studies leading to better design of Systems & Equipment.
Availibility Of new superior tecnology like HVDC, Fibre Optics Data Transmission etc.
Obsolescence Of Old products and systems.
Increasing use Of Power Electronics in Electrical Engineering Field.
Increasing Use Of Microprocessor, Digital Computer based Programable System of protection & control, use of SCADA, AGC and DAC.

In order to take care of the above, Electric Planning and Design Wing was established to ensure efficient and continuous supply of electricity is made available to consumers on Wide geographical area at lowest cost and at specified voltage and frequncy i:e Providing of Quality Power.

Electric Planning and Design (EP&D) Wing is one of the premier wings of Power Development Department, Government of Jammu and Kashmir, responsible for perspective planning of infrastructure development in the State based on actual and future demand and availability of power besides Procurement of material/equipment for whole of the State. All key Materials, as mentioned below, used in Transmission of Electric Power above 66KV levels i.e. 132KV & 220KV level are procured through this wing as per the desired technical specification like.

a) 220KV/132KV/11KV Power Transformers of desired capacity

b) 132KV/66KV or 132KV/33KV Power Transformers of desired capacity

c) 220KV, 132KV and 33KV Isolators of different current ratings to suit system conditions.

d) 220KV, 132KV and 33KV Current transformers of different ratios, burden to suit system conditions

e) 132KV and 33KV Potential transformers of specified burden and ratio.

f) 220KV and 132KV SF-6 circuit breakers

g) 33KV Vaccum circuit breakers (for grid station use)

h) 220KV, 132KV and 33KV Control and Relay panels

i) 220KV, 132KV and 33KV lightening arrestors

j) 220KV, 132kV and 33KV Solid core post insulators

k)220KV and 132KV Capacitive voltage transformers

The procurment process is monitored through following stages:

1) Floating of tenders after compilation of tender documents incorporating therein all nessary details like terms & conditons,technical specifications and other details necessary for qualification of tenders.

2) Giving wide publicity to the NIT through print and electronic media including sending the NIT to leading manufacturers.

3) Reciept of tenders on due date and keeping them in safe custody till opening.

3) Opening of technical bids. Processing of technical perameters after comparing them with NIT specifications so as to ascertain which tenders qualify for opening of price bids. Across the table discussions by tender -opening- committee for opening of price bids in presence of bidders or their authorised representatives.

4) Processing of the complete case. Its evaluation in terms of financial & technical implications. Despatching the complete case to financial organication for pre-check for comments and observations regarding financial aspects.

5) Prepration of Agenda note of purchase cases incorporating therein reply to pre-check observations and suggested modifications/alterations of financial nature. Circulation of agenda note among the members of relevant purchase commitee members. Fixing of date of convening of meeting convenient to all members of the commitee.

6) Deleberation of each purchase case threadbare by the relevant purchase commitee(of which Chief Engineer EP&D Wing is a standing member). Issuance of the minutes of the meeting contaning decisions taken by the purchase commitee.

7) Preparation of detailed Purchase Order as per the decisions of the purchase commitee by the team comprising of Officers from technical and financial side in close association,so that no room is left for any lacunae or loopholes or any ambiguity.

8) Processing of Drawings recieved from the suppliers for various equipment. Sorting out discrepancies found in drawings, taking up of all issues relating to drawings with the manufacturer so as to suit the requirment of the department. Across the table discussions with the authorised engineer/s of the firm to speed up the process of approval to drawings,if needed .

9) Processing of Bank-Gurantee & agreement documents recieved from the various firms for securty-cum-performance. Verification of Bank-Gurantees from respective Bankers.

10) Monitoring of delivery schedule in terms of the delivery clause of purchase order, coordinating with CPRI, the third party inspaction agency, for speedy inspection of material/equipment. Ascertaining the status of dispach of material from thr firm. Confirmation of delivery from consignees.

11) Secrutiny of CPRI test reports. Monitoring of the performance of the equipments installed,Verification of performance report received from the consignee leading to releasing of performance related component of BG.

                   Thus whole process of procurment action is monitored till the hole process reaches its logical end. In short the wing acts as a facilitator between user wings and suppliers by way of tendering and processing of bids.

 This wing is also involved in scrutiny of various developmental schemes and projects for approval of Techno-Economic-Committee.

This wing is also responsible for scrutinizing cost data on yearly basis, framed by Executive wings of Deptt. viz. EM&RE wings and S&O wings.

This wing follows B.I.S, I.E.C, C.B.I.P, C.E.A standards and specifications, ensuring thereby procurement of world class quality equipment/ material at optimum cost and time. This wing also acts as technical consultants to other wings of PDD where ever difficulty in technical matters including designs is experienced by them.

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